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Cris Folkestad

Unlike the rest of the Folkestad family, Cris did not grow up around guns.  She was first introduced to the firearm world when she met Bob in 1999 and has been a passionate advocate since.  Cris graduated from Purdue University with a BS in English and Secondary Education and a law degree from Drake Law School.  Cris’ professional background is in the insurance and legal worlds. 


Cris uses her educational & professional backgrounds to assist with the legal & insurance aspects of the company.   When you purchaser a suppressor she is the one that assists customers with the Form 4 and other legal matters.   


In her off-time, Cris enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and adding to her wine collection. 


FYI Cris carry’s a Sig MK25 with a Creative Arms Suppressor

Brandon Burg is our instructor for conceal carry and introduction to basic firearms handling 

Bradon is a US Marine Corp Veteran that is passionate about firearms, training and protecting our gun right by advocating safety and training.  He is continually training and learning advance techniques with handguns, rifles, knives and other methods of self-defense.

Bob’s passion for firearms and engineering started at a very young age.  As a child he grew up with half the family involved in firearms and the other half in the automotive industry. Bob’s whole life has been in the automotive and firearms businesses.  In both industries he is know as a expert designer and has many patents in both industries.

After high school Bob joined the U.S. Navy and was boat coxswain in the amphibious Sea Bee’s. After that he became a R&D tech working his way up to Director of Electronics and Innovations at a major automotive parts manufacture.  After his tenure at this company Bob along with some friends and family started designing and manufacturing firearms, suppressors and other firearms accessories.

Bobs other interests include being a pilot, electronics designer and builder of custom cars and motorcycles

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