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The Silent Era Has Begun

Creative Arms LLC.  isn’t just another suppressor company started out of a garage. We’ve been manufacturing high quality products for the Military/LE community for over 10 years. At Creative Arms LLC., we approach our suppressor design the same way we approached these. We look at things from a higher level—leaving behind preconceptions of how things are usually done born of habit and convention. Instead, we figure out how things can be done in order to give you a better tool for the job.

Suppressors are Legal

Suppressors are legal but are regulated by federal law and on a state-by-state basis by the Nation Firearm Act (NFA) branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).

Benefits of Suppressors

Suppressors, also known as silencers, are the hearing protection of the 21st century sportsman. Despite common misconceptions, suppressors are not silent. They are simply mufflers for firearms, which function by trapping the expanding gasses at the muzzle and allowing them to slowly cool.

Hearing Protection

Noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus are two of the most common afflictions for recreational shooters and hunters. Everyone knows that gunfire is loud, but very few people understand the repercussions that shooting can have on their hearing until it’s too late.
Suppressors reduce the noise of a gunshot by an average of 20 – 35 dB, which is roughly the same as earplugs or earmuffs. By decreasing the overall sound signature, suppressors help to preserve the hearing of recreational shooters, hunters, and hunting dogs around the world.

Safer Hunting

Most hunters do not wear hearing protection in the field because they want to hear their surroundings. The trouble is, exposure to even a single unsuppressed gunshot can, and often does, lead to permanent hearing damage. Suppressors allow hunters to maintain full situational awareness, while still protecting their hearing. The result is a safer hunting experience for the hunter, and for those nearby.

Home Protection

If you get into a gunfight while defending your home, you may survive, but your ears will likely sustain permanent damage. Sound waves rebound in the close confines of homes, sending them directly back and onto your eardrum. Even one shot in a home or car could mean permanent hearing loss. So, why not outfit your favorite home-defense firearm with a silencer?

Precision Takes Precision

At Creative Arms we proudly use high precision HAAS CNC 3-axis, and 5-axis mills along with HAAS CNC lathes.

  • American MACHINES
    All of our in-house built products are produced on American Made HAAS CNC Lathes & 3-axis + 5-axis mills.
  • American Metals
    Our suppressors are machined from high grade aluminum, steel, and titanium
    Not only do we believe in our suppressor technology, but we back them up with a No BS lifetime warranty

Suppressor Anatomy

Suppressors, also known as silencers, sound suppressors, gun mufflers, etc. are nothing more than a baffle system inside a tube similar to your car muffler. Check out the anatomy of our suppressors below.

Entrance Cap / Thread Adapter

The entrance cap or thread adapter attaches the suppressor to the end of the barrel of the host firearm. Note that thread pitches of barrel manufacturers vary from company to company so it is important to know what the thread pitch is before purchasing you're suppressor.

Recoil Booster / Nielson Device

A recoil booster (also known as a Nielsen device), is a device that attaches to the inside of a pistol suppressor. Acting as an attachment point to the end of your firearm's barrel with a "piston" this item detaches the weight of the suppressor, uncoupling it from the barrel at the moment of firing, allowing the pistol to function properly by boosting the recoil energy of the barrel and slide.

Baffles / Internals

The baffles (also known as Internals) are the heart of the suppressor. Varying from manufacturer to manufacturer there are a few different types of baffle styles. Creative Arms utilizes a K baffle design on our .22lr, 9mm, and .45cal suppressors. This design gets its name from the profile of the baffle which when turned on its side looks like a K. This style allows for multiple baffles to be stacked inside the tube in a variety of different configurations. The second style Creative Arms utilizes is a monocore, which can be found on our 5.56/223 and .30 cal suppressors. Machined from a single piece of metal this core houses the entire baffle system throughout one piece of metal.

Tube + End Cap

Machined from either aluminum (.22lr, 9mm, .45cal suppressor options) or steel (5.56/223 or .30 cal suppressor options) the tube houses the internals and combines all the pieces of the suppressor. Threaded at each end the tube allows for the entrance and end caps to easily be unscrewed and internals to be pushed out. Our .22lr, 9mm, and .45Cal suppressors feature a hex end cap for quick disassembly with a basic allen wrench set. Our 5.56/223 and .30cal suppressors feature a custom slot end which uses a propreitary tool.

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