Welcome to the new year! It is getting to be that time of year in Iowa, hunters have finished up their successful harvest, a new wave of youth hunters have found a new love for the outdoors, and we are receiving many calls about suppressors, hunting and how to acquire suppressors.

Hunting with suppressors is completely legal in Iowa but if you want to pick up a suppressor and go hunting tomorrow it will probably not happen.  Why?  It is called the NFA (National Firearms Act) the NFA has been around since 1934 and the rules and registration fees have remained the same.

One of the common questions we get now that suppressors are legal in Iowa is  “ can just buy a suppressor or do I need to get a permit to buy a suppressor. “Luckily there is no permit needed to buy a suppressor, you just need to figure out what you want and buy it. Then it gets registered, like a car except you can’t take the suppressor home until you get the registration from the ATF back.  There is a one-time registration fee per suppressor that costs $200. This registration is a tax stamp, yes,  a physical stamp with the serial number of your suppressor hand written on it.  And this stamp takes a while to get, probably 6 months to 1 year. A great resource to check NFA wait periods is:https://www.nfatracker.com

If you buy a suppressor and want to sell it to your buddy, it needs to be transferred to them and they would need to pay a $200 registration fee to transfer it from you to them.  If you happen to pass away the suppressor can be transferred to whoever you will it to at no charge.

This all seems kind of confusing, but it is relatively straight forward, its in bullet points below to make it simple:

  1. Buy Suppressor
  2. Register the suppressor, most dealers will help you with this process, we have a great resource for this at our office. There is a couple thing you will need to do, you will need some photo’s and fingerprints. Suppressors, Short barreled rifles, shotguns and machine guns that are transferable all use the same ATF Form 4. If you decide to build your own suppressor, Short Barreled rifle or Shotgun it is the same thing just ATF Form 1. Once this paper work is done (it will take about 15 minutes) it will need submitted to the ATF along with your $200 registration fee.
  3. Wait patiently, it is the government, the ATF does not keep the $200, it goes to the USA General Fund so the ATF is not staffed appropriately for the volume of items coming to them because they do not have the budget to hire additional staff (again the ATF does not keep the money). Plan on waiting 6-12 months.
  4. Once the dealer receives the paperwork back, you can take it home. If you buy from Creative Arms plan on a one on one delivery process and bring the guns you plan to suppress.  It is a real nightmare after waiting for a year and the barrel on your rifle is not treaded straight and you blow the suppressor off the end of your barrel damaging the gun and your suppressor. (this has happened more than once by people who did not bring in their guns).  Additionally, there are many thread pitches available so we want to make sure our product works correctly and fits your gun.  This is a benefit from buying local.
  5. Have fun enjoy your suppressor, keep your original paperwork in a safety deposit box or locked up in your gun vault, do not loose the original stamp. Keep a copy of the tax stamp in your range bag and vehicle, this way you are prepared if you are asked for it.

Ok now that you know the process lets talk about what we make and sell.


Creative Arms manufactures two rimfire suppressors, they are identical one has Aluminum baffles and the other model has Titanium baffles.  Rimfire suppressors are the most popular and most effective suppressors. WHY? Because the there is less explosion in the little cases, so they are easier to suppress.  Rimfire ammo is the lowest price, most commonly shot and quietest.  The suppressors are the lowest cost too.  Costs are from $275-350 for these suppressors + $200 to the ATF for registration and appropriate sales tax.

.22 long rifle, long, short or other variants we recommend the Aluminum baffles

.17, .22 mag and higher pressure rounds we recommend the Titanium baffles

Do not put a rimfire suppressor on an AR15 and mag dump it, it will blow up in your face (See picture)

FYI most (90+%) of .22 and .17 rifles and pistols with factory treaded barrels will be ½ x 28 pitch. Some European guns are metric, they are not very common in the USA.

Yes rimfire suppressed .22 long rifle is quiet, like the movies and great for shooting without hearing protection.  Suppressors are mufflers or bug muzzle brakes so you will feel less recoil and concussion from shooting suppressed.

Pistol Caliber-

We make two pistol caliber suppressors, they have some options so pay attention.  It can get confusing if you do not follow along. There are two versions and several thread pitches available for each suppressor. We make a rifle and pistol version of each suppressor.  Why do you ask?  Because a rifle that has a fixed barrel does not need a Neilson Device or Booster housing and those two items cost $150+ so the rifle suppressor is lower cost than a pistol suppressor.

What is a Neilson Device or Booster housing?  It is a spring-loaded piston that lets the suppressor float on the end of the barrel. Any gun that the barrel moves (Browning style action, 1911, Glock, Sig, HK, Beretta) probably needs a booster housing and piston.  If the barrel is fixed (9m AR for example) you do not need a booster or piston, but is you want to interchange the suppressor on it on your pistol you will need the booster and piston.  Good news is these are not NFA items and can be added to your rifle type suppressor.

We recommend talking to us about the gun you plan to suppress.  Generally, you want to have suppressor height sights and a factory made treaded barrel. We have been asked about suppressing revolvers, unless the revolver manufacture recommends suppressing their revolver we do not recommend it. Big bore pistols like the S&W 460 and 500 would need one of our rifle suppressors.  The chamber pressure is way too high for our 9mm or .45 suppressors.


Our 9mm suppressor is available in two configurations and several thread pitches.  And is used for 9mm and .380.  Since most 9mm’s have ½ x28 threads you can use it on your rimfire too. The tube is larger in diameter than our rimfire suppressor and might block the sights.



Our .45 cal suppressor is available in two configurations and several thread pitches like the 9 mm. And is used for .45 and .40. There are many threads and options so tell us about your gun and your plans.  We do have ½ x28 adapters for these suppressors but the .45 suppressor is larger in diameter than the 9mm so it probably will not work well on a 9mm or rimfire because you will not be able to see the sights.

Do not try to use a pistol suppressor on high power rifle rounds, they are not designed for a .450 SOCOM or AR15.  The suppressor will literally blow up in your face.

Rifle Suppressors

High pressure, heavy duty with the core made from Billet Titanium, we have several rifle suppressors available from 5.56 to 300 win mag.


We designed our 5.56 suppressor to be used with AR15 type rifles and bolt action .22 caliber high-power rifles.  It is designed around the military MK18 10.3” barrels to give an overall length of 16.5”. We sell the suppressor as a direct thread, QD or fixed for our internally suppressed rifle line. It is very effective and can be disassembled for inspection or cleaning.

.30 Short

This suppressor was designed to be like our 5.56 suppressor and we use it for the 7.62×39 and 300 blackout rounds, it is smaller than our large rifle suppressor.  It works great on AK47’s and other rounds with similar ballistics.

30 Cal

This is our most common rifle suppressor it is used for anything up to .300 win mag.  It is the heart of our .308 and .300 ISR Rifles.

450 Bushmaster

Since straight case high power rifles are now legal for hunting in Iowa we developed this suppressor for our .450 bushmaster rifles, it would also work on the 45/70 and 450 SOCOM rounds.



Creative Arms is a manufacture of suppressors in Des Moines, Iowa.  Creative Arms was founded in 2013 and has a customer base in consumer products, law enforcement and military.  Our products are proudly made in America with skilled workers and the highest quality materials.


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